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This is our backup journal in case Our Livejournal is down for any reason. Please go to Our Livejournal to make sure you are completely up to date.

Wittegen Press

Greeting and welcome to the livejournal of Wittegen Press, a new, UK based, independent publisher of eBooks.
This journal will have all the latest announcements about publications as well as sneak peeks, discussion and events.

We are a closed press and at the moment we are NOT open for manuscript submissions.

Wittegen Press Website
has a catalogue of all our publications as well as information about bonus content for our books.
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WP Facebook page
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Penny Dreadfuls 21 - Writer for Hire
We also have an imprint, PD21, which specialises in customised short stories.

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About Wittegen

We are an independent, UK based, publisher of eBooks. Become a member of the community to take part in giveaways, competitions and chat.
This is out backup journal in case our Livejournal has a problem for any reason.

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